1.3.3. Upgrade Notes

PHP 8.0 is now required, given the addition of expanded and stricter typehinting.

Statement-building proper has been extracted to the Atlas.Statement package.

The 1.x method Query::getStatement() has been renamed to Statement::getQueryString().

The 1.x method Query::getBindValues() has been renamed to Statement::getBindValueArrays().

When using a subselect as an inline value, you no longer need to call getStatement() or getQueryString(). Indeed, you must not, if you want the bound values to transferred to the receiving query properly.

Generated placeholder tokens now have a different format; whereas in 1.x they were composed of a single number (:__1__), they are now composed of two numbers (:_1_1_). The first number corresponds to the number of query instances; the second is the count of bound values on that query instance. If you depend on the placeholder token format, e.g. in your tests, you will need to update your expectations.