4.1.8. Events Record Events

There are several events that will automatically be called when interacting with a Record object. If you used the Atlas CLI tool with the --full option, a MapperEvents class will be created for you. For example, ThreadMapperEvents.php. With this class, you can override any of the available mapper events. Available Events

The insert(), update(), and delete() methods all have 3 events associated with them. A before*(), a modify*(), and an after*().

// Runs before the Insert object is created
beforeInsert(MapperInterface $mapper, RecordInterface $record)

// Runs after the Insert object is created, but before it is executed
modifyInsert(MapperInterface $mapper, RecordInterface $record, Insert $insert)

// Runs after the Insert object is executed
afterInsert(MapperInterface $mapper,
            RecordInterface $record,
            Insert $insert,
            PDOStatement $pdoStatement)

// Runs before the Update object is created
beforeUpdate(MapperInterface $mapper, RecordInterface $record)

// Runs after the Update object is created, but before it is executed
modifyUpdate(MapperInterface $mapper, RecordInterface $record, Update $update)

// Runs after the Update object is executed
afterUpdate(MapperInterface $mapper,
            RecordInterface $record,
            Update $update,
            PDOStatement $pdoStatement)

// Runs before the Delete object is created
beforeDelete(MapperInterface $mapper, RecordInterface $record)

// Runs after the Delete object is created, but before it is executed
modifyDelete(MapperInterface $mapper, RecordInterface $record, Delete $delete)

// Runs after the Delete object is executed
afterDelete(MapperInterface $mapper,
            RecordInterface $record,
            Delete $delete,
            PDOStatement $pdoStatement)

Here is a simple example with the assumption that the Record object has a validate() method and a getErrors() method. See the section on Adding Logic to Records and RecordSets.

namespace Blog\DataSource\Posts;

use Atlas\Orm\Mapper\MapperEvents;
use Atlas\Orm\Mapper\MapperInterface;
use Atlas\Orm\Mapper\RecordInterface;
use Atlas\Orm\Exception;

 * @inheritdoc
class PostsMapperEvents extends MapperEvents
    public function beforeUpdate(MapperInterface $mapper, RecordInterface $record)
        if (! $record->validate())
            throw new Exception('Update Error');


And you might have something like this in your code:

$success = $atlas->update($post);
if ($sucess) {
    echo "Post updated";
} else {
    foreach ($post->getErrors as $error) {
        echo $error . '<br/>';